Testimonial Background

"One of very few publications I read from cover to cover." - Panayoti Kelaidis

"...the finest regional gardening magazine I've ever read." - Angie Hanna

"The depth, breadth and consistent quality of your paper is amazing." - Lucy Sanderson

"...a thinking gardener's companion." - Lauren Springer Ogden

"...Colorado Gardener has become the standard." - Kelly Grummons

About Colorado Gardener

We provide our readers with the ideas, information, resources, inspiration and sense of humor needed to grow ornamental and edible plants successfully in our fast changing, unpredictable climate. We emphasize waterwise and environmentally sound practices.

We publish an Education Issue at the beginning of February, plus four issues at the beginning of April, May, June and toward the end of August.

Editorial Profile

Colorado Gardener is an independently-owned, creatively designed tabloid-size gardening newsmagazine. Packed with practical information, resources and engaging features on local flora and fauna, gardens and gardeners, it provides readers with the ideas, information, encouragement, and resources they need to grow perennials, annuals, bulbs, vegetables, herbs, shrubs and trees in our fast changing, unpredictable climate. We emphasize environmentally sound and waterwise practices, and let our readers know where they can find the plants, tools, supplies, and services they need – locally.

Many of our writers are prominent horticulturists and award-winning garden authors.

Celebrating our 21st Anniversary!

Where to Find Colorado Gardener

You can find our print issue at over 550 locations. We distribute all along the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins & Greeley at garden centers, garden shops, nurseries, public gardens, cooperative extension offices, independent bookstores & hardware stores, libraries, farmers markets, King Soopers stores in the Metro area and Larimer County, and many other selected locations.

We also send copies to selected nurseries and other locations in Durango, Cortez, Clifton, Grand Junction, Vail,Pueblo, La Veta, Cheyenne, WY, and Santa Fe, N.M. For the cost of shipping (roughly $55-65/year – 5 issues) we will send 50-100 copies of each issue for distribution anywhere in the state.

Colorado Gardener is available by individual annual subscription for $18. Bulk subscriptions are available for garden clubs or other groups at a greatly reduced cost. We currently distribute 37,000-40,000 copies per issue. Readership is well over 70,000.